Starting your first sewing project can seem daunting when you’re new to sewing. Sometimes it isn’t easy deciding where to get started! We’re here to help! In this blog post, we’ll take you step-by-step through one of the easiest projects: Sewing a pillowcase! It isn’t as difficult as you think, and this tutorial will help you get started quickly. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from start to finish, and explain everything along the way. So don’t wait any longer. Follow along with this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to sew a pillowcase in no time at all!


  • ¾ a yard of fabric (main body)
  • 2 inches of fabric (trim)
  • ⅓ a yard of fabric (cuff)
  • general purpose thread
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Sewing Ruler
  • Cutting Mat
  • Sewing Pins
  • Your sewing machine, of course!

Learn how to thread and load your machine when you visit our blog or the video below!

Getting Started: 

Step 1: Take our fabrics (all 3) and cut them down to size

This step is essential as it’ll help keep your pieces nice and square.

Body Fabric – Take your body fabric and line the edge of your fabric with your ruler, allowing only the edges of your fabric to be free. Take your rotary cutter and trim the edges of your fabric to make sure your piece of fabric is perfectly square.

Trim Fabric – Repeat the same process with the trim fabric; however, trim it down to 2 inches in width. 

Cuff Fabric – Repeat the same process with the cuff fabric; however, trim it down to 10 inches in width. 

Tips for this step: Refer to your cutting mat for correct measurements. Ensuring your sewing ruler is long enough to go across the length of your project will allow you to inch forward and keep pressure, allotting a smoother cut. 

rotary cutter cutting fabric
rotary cutter cutting fabric
rotary cutter cutting fabric

Step 2: Fold & Press (Ironing)

Folding and Pressing your pieces will help you line up the middle of your pieces every time.

Take your trim, cuff, and body fabric and individually fold them in half, and iron the middle crease down. This crease will allow you to line your pieces up. 

Making the Cuff:

Step 1:  Take your trim piece and iron it in half lengthwise so that you have a 1″ piece with the nice side facing out on the top and bottom. Line up the raw edges of the trim with the top edge of the main print. 

Step 2: Take your body fabric and lay it flat on your table right side up (The nice and pretty side should be facing up). 

Step 3: Take your trim and line it up on with the raw edges of your body piece right side down (the nice side should be facing the table). 
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Step 4: Take the cuff piece right side down (the nice side should be facing the table) and line it up with both the trim piece and the body fabric.ooTI8qYnmfr MziMJd4VOqpqPhRNVQ3KbBnpGjaMR pORkWjEp ZKokj3HUV3obVluCiFMhZ3nR7gSYJezwOI2AcKUQpm1UpxncTeo5P5nPg7l0ybRms8IZBue8

Step 5: Take several of your pins and pin the edges together, getting ready to sew.

Step 6: Take your lined and pinned fabrics to your sewing machine and sew them together, creating a nice seam. 

Fabric lined up on the sewing machine.

Step 7: After sewn your seam, take your fabrics and open the piece by taking the raw (unsewed) edge of the cuff seam and flipping it open will allow it to face right side out (the nice side will be facing up). Take that back to your iron and press it open. (it’ll look something like this)ZkZDAxFEbjTCvHHHooSmqLXWyjPvdVODjHogaOSWMuK9GOQLBNU90T V1ONIUDfDaT73VzXxLCcGm9GwxLs6QJ43m3Wq1iOkovOSAEAUyK2hl25uLDLbLp2K9xQ vrsU9FvGjfYdI4mrFrwFAtcWG8id57nz3dtQP5z fqnnPZHUuibt0XJ vzZKNYMrDg

Step 8: Take your piece (it should all be one piece now) and trim it to 40″ by folding the pillowcase in half and lining up the bottom edge of the pillowcase on the mat, and lining up the fold on the zero-line of the mat. Trim down the pillow case by using the 20″ on the mat. 

Hide our raw edges (burrito method)

Step 1: Unfold your project and lay it flat, facing right side up. Take the bottom edge of the body fabric and begin to roll it up toward the other edge (the cuff). 

Step 2: Take the rolled piece and find where the edge meets the roll, creating a Burrito and pin it down for you to sew.4IYR LXXeMAjHqwPCsjbJ SIzRmqA72t54Qo62wJSOKqUMtK9VDM7he9TPXBTMKMtI4Q1zDYzrQDQz067SZUZP6 z0Gi4TRPV0E 3gdqY4owjheH6Da4ALI0IEbh 3CT6BIAOuk8k8XRhIuJX9YJ7ZRZkauUzovRMr5AwgdUnWIBTkp627DJbXR4G2JlHA

Step 3: Take your burrito to your sewing machine and sew along the edges removing the pins as you move along.

Step 4: After you’ve sewn those edges, grab one end of your burrito, grab the outside layer, cuff it 

back, revealing the inside of the burrito and pull them out. (This will unravel the burrito showcasing your pillowcase, and revealing the cuff!)

Screen Shot 2022 12 12 at 2.09.49 PM 1 edited
Screen Shot 2022 12 12 at 2.09.25 PM 1

Making the side seams (French seam)

Step 1: Take your fabric facing the wrong side up, take one edge, and bring it to the other. This will look as if you have folded your piece in half with the inside facing inwards. Pin it together. 

Step 2: Bring your piece to the sewing machine. To start, reinforce your stitches by stitching a few stitches forward and a few backward (using backstitching) and follow along the rest of the edge usually. 

Step 3: Turn your pillowcase inside out and with the wrong side facing outwards. Take the fabric back to your machine and sew along the edge within its seam allowance to hide any raw edges. Repeat the same process from Step 2. 

Time to close the pillowcase! 

Step 1: With your pillowcase still facing inside out, take the bottom of the pillowcase and switch to a zig-zag stitch on your machine. Repeat the steps from Step 2 to reinforce those stitches. 

And just like that, you’re all done! You now have a fun and functional project that allows you to add a nice splash of color to your home or bedroom! 

We hope you found this blog post helpful. New to sewing? Check out our youtube channel and watch some of our tutorials!

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Thank you for letting us help you take your inspiration and turn it into a creation! 

The Sewing Studio Staff.

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