Hello craft enthusiasts! Today we will walk through a fun and practical DIY project – creating your very own beautiful apron from a tea towel. This DIY apron project is a great way to express your creative side and, at the same time, create something functional. Perfer Video? Check out our Tutorial “Easy DIY Half Apron Tutorial: Sewing Step-by-Step for Beginners | The Sewing Studio” on Youtube! Ready to start? Let’s go!


To get started, here’s what you’ll need:

🌟 1/2 yd main fabric

🌟 1/4 yd coordinating print

🌟 A tea towel

🌟 Ric Rac Trim

Apron Preparation

First things first, let’s prepare the fabric.

Main Print: Start with your main fabric. Straighten and square the top and bottom edges. Then, trim the width of the main fabric to 30 inches. Using the fold on the fabric as a guide, line it up with the edge of your cutting mat, ensuring it’s square along one of the lines on the mat. Cut through the two layers of fabric at the 15-inch mark on the mat.

Coordinating Print: Now, take your coordinating print. After straightening and squaring one edge, cut two 3-inch strips. These will serve as the ties for your apron.

Tea Towel: Lastly, cut your tea towel into two pieces. You’ll only need one half for this project. If the cut edge of your tea towel starts to fray, you can use a serger or a zig-zag stitch to stop the fray.

Apron Construction

Now, let’s move on to constructing our apron!

Creating the Ties: Start with your coordinating print strips. Sew the two strips together. To prevent extra bulk in your final seam, sew the strips together by placing the strips right-sides together at 90 degrees from each other. Draw a line across the strip, connecting the two diagonal points. Sew across the line you drew. Press the diagonal seam flat at your ironing board. Now, turn under 1/2 inch on each short end and press. Fold the strip in half along the long edge and press this seal flat. Unfold the strip and press each long side to the middle fold. Tuck the raw edges inside, refold the strip in half, and press to finish off. Voila, you now have your apron ties!

Preparing the Main Print: Hem the bottom edge of your main fabric. Fold up and press a half-inch to the wrong side of the fabric, press the seam flat, then fold and press again to enclose the raw edge. Run a straight stitch along the top edge of the folded hem at your sewing machine to finish off the bottom edge.

Adding the Ric Rac Trim: Now it’s time to add some flair! Cut your Ric Rac Trim about an inch shorter than the width of your apron, center it along the bottom edge, and stitch it in place.

Hemming the Side Seam: Hem the side seam of your main fabric like the bottom seam.

Incorporating the Tea Towel: Before we move on to attaching the ties, let’s integrate our tea towel into the design. Center the tea towel with the top edge of the apron, then baste the towel to the apron. This creates a handy towel for cleaning off our hands and adds a charming touch to your apron.

Attaching the Ties: Finally, it’s time to add the coordinating print ties to the top of the apron. Slide the folded edge of the strip over the top of the apron, making sure to match the center of the apron with the center of the strip. Top stitch the ties onto the apron by running a stitch close to the bottom of the coordinating fabric. To reinforce the ties, topstitch along the top edge of the coordinating print.

And there you have it! Your homemade, perfectly designed apron is ready to accompany you on your culinary adventures. Not only will this apron serve a functional purpose in your kitchen, but it will also reflect your creativity and DIY skills. So tie on your new apron, and enjoy cooking and crafting in style!

Thank you for letting us help you take your inspiration and turn it into a creation! 

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