Creative Grids CGRJAW5 8″ Curvy Log Cabin Trim Ruler


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Create the illusion of curves with this 8 inch Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool. Sewing narrow strips to two adjoining sides of the center square and wide strips to the remaining two sides create the curve. Mark the wrong side of the center square through the holes on the tool to ensure a perfect seam allowance. Then sew a round – two narrow and two wide strips – and trim. Add two more rounds to complete a perfect 8 inch finished block. The cutting requirements for the narrow and wide strips and the center square are printed right on the tool. Sew four blocks together to “piece” a circle which finishes to 16 inches. Combine these blocks with traditional 8 inch log cabin blocks created with the Creative Grids Log Cabin Trim Tool (CGRJAW1) for unlimited design potential.

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Item Number # CGRJAW5

UPC :  743285001743


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